How to Create an Android Wallpaper in Photoshop

This simple tutorial will show you in a few easy steps what should you consider when creating an android background image. All you need is

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Any picture of your choice that you’d like to use as your mobile phone background

01. Fistly, it is important to know how the background works on a mobile phone. As you may have noticed, the image usually is not a static image – the image actually moves with each swipe you make. The basic idea behind this is that, the middle section of the picture is what you’d usually see, and the sides of the image will show when swiping to another page. The middle section, also, represents the resolution of your mobile screen. In this tutorial we use 480x800px which is the average resolution.


02. Now you need to multiply the width of you phone resolution (480 in this case) with 2. So now go to Photoshop, File > New and put there width of 960 and height 800 px. Press Ok.


03. Now add your picture but keep in mind what part will be shown and what not in default mode. Of course you will see the other parts of the picture while moving from screen to screen.


04. Now save your picture using the File > Save for Web & Devices command. There  choose the JPEG, set the quality to 90 and press Ok. Like this the quality will be very good and the size of the image wont go too large.


05. And your mobile wallpaper is ready to be uploaded!